face waxing 

body waxing


Tired of shaving?

Waxing is a a semi-permanent hair removal method that is great for all skin types. 

At Kentlands Professional Body Wax and Skin Care we offer full body waxing services. From your brows to your brazilians we've got you covered! 

Unlike other hair removal methods. Waxing leaves your baby skin smooth for weeks. And the good news is that is are a consistent waxer, then the hair grows back finer and more sparse. 

I’ve been going here for years now for waxing and facials. I don’t trust anyone else to take care of my skin (down there and up on the face).
— Angeline T.

Waxing FAQ's


What can I do to prepare for a waxing treatment?

There are many things you can do prior to your appointment that will reduce pain and give you the best results.

  • Make sure have drank plenty of water and are hydrated

  • If you are waxing a larger area such as a brazilian or your chest, take an Advil 30 minutes before your appointment

  • Refrain from coffee and alcohol the day of your appointment

How long should my hair be in order to get waxed?

If your hair is about the length of a grain of rice then you should have no problems being waxed. 

How long do the results last?

Waxing is one of those things where consistency is key. Your hair has different growth cycles that are each about 10 days long. The first time you get waxed your hair may grow back unevenly because different hairs were on different cycles, but once you have consistently been waxed about three times four weeks apart the hair will grow back thinner, more sparse, and stay smoother longer. 

How do I take care of my skin after I've been waxed?

To decrease the risk of ingrown hairs (this is more for large areas like brazilians and chests) you can gently exfoliate the area.